The 20s are an exciting time in a person’s life. Many graduate college, get engaged and travel the world. It’s also when certain ages provide additional responsibility, like age 26.

Age 26 is when most individuals are no longer covered by a parent’s “family” insurance plan.

“Young adults take this benefit for granted.  It is important to review benefit plans before enrolling and purchasing,” shared Patient Access Manager Alison Kennison.

ACA, Affordable Care Act, allows individuals to remain covered until age 26.

Born in 1993-1994? Happy birthday! It’s time to celebrate open enrollment in style. Attend JRMC’s Open EnROLLment open house from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at Babb’s Coffee House meeting room. Enjoy spring rolls, sweet rolls and other snacks as JRMC experts offer advice and answer questions regarding insurance and open enrollment. Families and children welcome. The event is also open to entrepreneurs, small-business owners and farmers and ranchers with questions about which plan is the best choice for them.

Selecting health insurance plans don’t have to be ‘sticky.’ That’s why JRMC is looking to educate individuals during the open enrollment period.

The event is open to any young adult who may have questions on open enrollment. Families are welcome to attend.

Kennison said, “JRMC is here to assist these young adults to navigate through a complicated industry of healthcare and insurance.”

North Dakota’s open enrollment period begins Friday, Nov. 1 and ends Sunday, Dec. 15.

To learn more, call (701) 952-4823 or visit


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