JRMC's Mission to be THE Difference
JRMC Vision to be the BEST rural hospital in the country
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Award-Winning Excellence

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JRMC Family BirthPlace receives Golf certification for Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep.
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A Legend is Not Built in a Day

A legend is not created in a day. It takes years of consistent commitment to performing with selfless purpose. A legend commits every day—without concern for recognition—to being irreplaceable. At JRMC, we call it “THE difference.” Our care is delivered with an inventive, ambitious and pioneering spirit by creators, collaborators and difference-makers.

And like any inspiring moment, when legendary healthcare is provided, those impacted are moved to share the story.

Since 1929, JRMC has been focused on making human connections and memorable impressions. Our mission reminds us to “Exceed expectations and be THE difference in the lives of those we serve.” And even though we have almost 90 years of experience, there is nothing outdated about how we deliver care. In fact, JRMC’s history of doing things first and with excellence has earned our facility a legendary reputation.

Legendary. It is the level of care you can expect at JRMC.