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CardioPulmonary Rehab helps people with heart disease recover faster from events such as a heart attack, congestive heart failure, stent placement, coronary artery bypass graft, valve repair or replacement or with stable angina. The goal: return individuals to their normal lives.

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Cardiac Rehab is designed for individuals with known heart disease. The program helps individuals make positive lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and smoking cessation. Individual goals may include weight loss and reduction of blood pressure. These efforts will slow the progression of heart disease and decrease future hospitalizations and medical expenses.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is for people with chronic lung disease. At appointments, the pulmonary rehab team encourages exercise and education to help individuals improve their breathing and physical condition.

The Cardiac Rehab staff conducts physician supervised stress tests to diagnose coronary artery disease. We offer regular EKG stress tests, Lexiscan tests and Cardiolite® stress tests that show providers how your heart performs when it needs to work hard.