This is YOUR Stay

The JRMC Patient Care Unit strives to make patient stays as comfortable as possible. Our team of compassionate providers and nurses care for hundreds of patients each year.

Patient Rooms

The patient rooms are spacious and include a private bathroom with shower. Each room is furnished with a 40-inch TV DVD module, a sleeper sofa and a comfortable chair. Some of the patient rooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted lifts for transferring and repositioning patients. The state-of-the-art beds have built-in scales, fall monitoring equipment and patient-friendly controls. Supplies are stored in and near patient rooms. Charting stations are located within each room and in the corridor between every two rooms. The result is improved nurse response time and room observation.

Patient/Nurse Communication
Communication is crucial to patient care. The “Nurse Call System” connects directly to the nurse’s wireless phone. The patient may push the call button for help or select options such as water, pain or bathroom to communicate a precise need. The “Bed Fall Alarm” also communicates directly to the nurse’s wireless phone.

Visitors will be greeted at the main desk as they enter the Patient Care Unit. The primary waiting room is located on the south side of the floor. A second waiting room is located at the west end of the floor.

Our great family medicine doctors provide hospitalist care on the patient care unit (PCU) and intensive care unit (ICU).

Meet the Hospitalists