Every Gift Matters

You can make THE difference at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. By donating to the JRMC Foundation you can impact the future of the medical center. The Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit. Each year we are grateful and humbled by individuals and businesses who respond to our region’s healthcare needs. Thank you.

personalized choices

Many donors to JRMC Foundation choose to make their gifts to support activities that are meaningful to them for personal reasons – grateful patients often make a gift in gratitude for the good care they have received while other donors make gifts in memory of loved ones. Staff members or physicians often choose to make a gift in tribute to a former mentor or in appreciation for their work environment.

Explore the options at the left, or learn more about our funding priorities.

even for your business

Memorial & Tribute Giving

a special way to show how much you care

A tribute gift is a donation in the name of the person or organization of your choice to benefit JRMC.
Should you choose this type of gift, please indicate that the gift is in honor or memory of [name].

These gifts may be made:

  • as a gesture of sympathy or in memory of a loved one, friend or associate
  • to honor special occasions, such as birthdays, promotions, anniversaries or births
  • to wish a speedy recovery to someone who is ill
  • as an expression of appreciation for a job well done

the Acknowledgment

An acknowledgment of each tribute gift is sent to the person or family of the person in whose name the gift is made. No amount is mentioned unless the donor requests it. They also receive a special gift.

Donors receive a separate acknowledgment stating the amount of the gift.

You may give as often as you wish. You may also designate your gift for a specific use or allow the Foundation to use it in the area of greatest need. Regardless of the amount or the designation, you can be sure that quality healthcare for central North Dakota is the ultimate beneficiary of your generosity.

Mentioning JRMC Foundation in an Obituary

We suggest text similar to this:

The family requests that memorial gifts be made in support of JRMC Foundation for  [department/fund/greatest need].

North Dakota Tax Credit


Do you ever wish your money could do more…go further? You are in luck! With a gift to JRMC Foundation’s ND Tax Credit Endowment Fund, you can significantly lower the net cost of your contribution. This is possible because of Senate Bill 2160.

It benefits you or your business through a 40% North Dakota state income tax credit. It funds medical equipment, facility improvements and quality care at JRMC to help people today.

Your gift does triple duty. Qualifying gifts over $5,000 benefit you through a 40 percent North Dakota state income tax credit. It funds services to help people today. Plus, it will provide a guaranteed source of income we can rely on to meet future needs.

ND tax credit example

Individuals Can:

  • make an outright gift to a qualifying JRMC Foundation endowment fund. Your gifts can be in the form of cash, securities or real estate
  • make a planned gift, such as a charitable gift annuity; certain forms of charitable trusts and paid-up life insurance may qualify

Businesses Can: make an outright gift to a qualifying JRMC Foundation endowment fund


Links coming soon:

JRMC Foundation ND Tax Credit Endowment Gift Form
State Tax Credit Form
North Dakota Tax Credit Letter – Handout

If you could use this credit, please contact your tax adviser or JRMC Foundation today!

  • the credit is available to both individuals and businesses
  • the minimum qualifying gift is $5,000 (lump sum or aggregated over the tax year)
  • both outright and planned gifts can qualify
  • the maximum credit for a single tax year is $10,000 for an individual, $20,000 for a married couple and $10,000 for business entities
  • there are provisions for the credit to carryover if you can’t use it all in one year
  • this is a North Dakota tax credit, not a deduction
  • gifts under $5,000 do not qualify for this credit, but are still tax-deductible
  • the contribution can still be deducted from your federal income taxes

Grateful Patient

an extra special thank you

Patients who receive excellent care often ask if there is anything they can do to thank their caregiver or help the medical center – something extra special.

The Grateful Patient Program offers an opportunity to honor staff, an area of care or a department as a way of saying thank you, and support financially the programs and services at JRMC.

Your caregivers come to work for one reason: to care for you in the best possible way…to be THE difference in your life and your care.

Those recognized for outstanding care will receive “THE Difference” leaf and be nominated for the JRMC Legend award. The award is given to one nominee monthly, who shows a deep commitment to JRMC’s mission, vision and values. The purpose for recognition is to inspire, motivate and capture those moments that define who we are.

By making a gift to the grateful patient program you will not only recognize your caregiver but contribute to their continued work. It is a great way to say, “Thank you.”

Please include your patient story with your gift or anytime!

Gifts of Grain

Grain Donation Program

To help raise funds for patient-centered care at JRMC, we are offering farmers the opportunity to donate grain at our local elevators.

The process is simple:

  1. Deliver grain to your local elevator.
  2. Request that a portion of the grain be transferred to JRMC Foundation.
  3. The elevator will notify JRMC Foundation about the donation.
  4. JRMC will recommend the grain to be sold, and the elevator will then issue a check for the sale of the grain to JRMC Foundation.
  5. We will send you a receipt noting the amount received from the grain sale. We will also send you a form to fill out about how you want to be acknowledged on our donor walking path or donor wall of honor.

Farmers, we ask that you consider donating a portion of this year’s harvest for patient care in your community. It’s a convenient way to  make a gift that benefits our entire community.

Gifts of Securities


Stock market indexes are at record highs. The S&P has risen almost 10% to a value of $23.9 trillion as of late August. The Down Jones Industrial average has experienced a similar growth rate. From January 2 to present, the Dow has risen about 4 percent and is trading about the 17,000 level.

  • avoid paying capital gains tax
  • receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • enjoy possible increased income
  • further our mission and be the difference in a patient’s life today

Turn your gains into gifts

Appreciated assets, such as stock, are a great way to fulfill campaign pledges, fund a planned gift or make your year-end gift. Please consider “giving out of the market” to JRMC Foundation.


So instead of selling the stock, give it to the charity and let it sell the shares.

Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars

choice dollars

Learn more by visiting Thrivent’s site.

Matched Gifts

company match search

giving hearts day

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shop & give

Thank you for using AmazonSmile! Your eligible purchases will benefit patient care at JRMC.

On your first visit to the site you will be asked to select a charity to support. To support JRMC Foundation, please choose Lutheran Charity Association, which is JRMC Foundation’s legal 501(c3) designation, in the drop down menu. This selection ensures JRMC Foundation will benefit from your participation. Your selection will be remembered in your account and every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation to us.

For purchases to be eligible, you must begin your shopping at AmazonSmile.  You may want to add a bookmark to make it easier to return to the page. You can use your existing Amazon account. Your shopping cart, wish list, registries and other setting are the same.

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