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Starting is the hardest part. Sometimes it helps to begin with a specific memory or incident that stands out to you as a metaphor of your experience with the hospital and then see where the story takes you.

Here are four approaches to helping you get your story onto paper:

1)  Focus on People

  • make a list of the people who made the most vivid impact
  • write a few sentences about each and what you were speaking directly to them
  • place these min-blurbs in order of importance
  • go back and add a two or three sentence introduction at the top that provides an overview of your experience

2)  Timeline/Sequence

  • begin with when you found out that your life would intersect with JRMC
  • provide a timeline of the events as they transpired
  • write a few sentences about each event
  • finish with a few thoughts about how the hospital will continue impacting your story into the future

3)  Specific Call to Action

If you want to use your story as a call to action for others, consider using the first sentence to answer the question, “If you could only say one thing to motivate others to support JRMC, what would that be?” The rest of your story can provide support for your answer.

4)  “What JRMC Means to Me”

Using this approach, you can use the space to share what our hospital means to you in general. Make it less of a story and more of a general list of “things that come to mind” when you think about or remember the hospital.