For the Win

Our athletic trainer works with the school nurse, physicians and JRMC orthopedics and rehabilitation teams to care for student athletes. Our team maintains the safety and welfare of all who participate in athletics at Jamestown High School. JRMC’s orthopedics and sports medicine team offers comprehensive healthcare services include an integrated approach to injury prevention, injury recognition and assessment, treatment and reconditioning of injured athletes. In 2023, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) named JHS and its athletic training program a Safe Sports School.

Learn More About Athletic Training

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is the official sports medicine team for the Jamestown Blue Jay Athletics program in Jamestown, N.D.
  • dedicated exclusively to JHS and its athletes assists in the recognition of concussions
  • supports appropriate care in the event of a concussion
  • teaches student aides proper taping techniques/first aid skills to assist with sporting activities
  • provide guidance on exercises that focus on injury prevention
  • assists in providing resources/guidance to coaches to prevent injuries
  • helps provide exercises for athletes to prevent injuries through home exercises
  • recognizes unsafe practice techniques to help keep athletes in the game
  • provides immediate care during athletic events
  • determines the severity of the injury and makes appropriate referrals when necessary
  • provides coaches and parents with an explanation of findings and a treatment plan
  • provides the opportunity to do rehab exercises at JHS, depending upon injury severity
  • works under doctors’ orders for treatment or physical therapist in certain cases
  • makes sure athlete is fully ready to return to play prior to getting back on the field, court or rink

Which events does the AT cover?

  • The athletic training team, along with the Jamestown High School athletic director, determine the AT’s schedule for events based on injury data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Athletic Trainers Association. Events are covered based on the highest rate of concussion and injury. The AT, along with JRMC Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, cover more than 120 events each year.

If the AT is not at my event, may I still schedule an appointment?

  • Of course! While the AT can’t physically attend all meets and matches, the trainer is happy to care for athletes of both Jamestown High School and Jamestown Middle School. To schedule an appointment, call (701) 952-4126 or complete the online request form below.