About Us

A healthy hospital is vital to a healthy community.

We’re all about health. Yours and our hospital’s. We help advance the efforts of JRMC by raising the financial resources to help keep our campus and building beautiful, provide innovation and equipment for care and to fund programs for thousands of patients each year.

Thank you for your support.

Our mission is to secure philanthropic gifts that will advance the mission and strategic objectives of Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

JRMC Foundation envisions an engaged, committed, and grateful region for whom the advancement of legendary healthcare through JRMC is their philanthropic priority.

The start of the Jamestown Regional Medical Center journey began with people who dedicated themselves to, and made sacrifices for, the health and vitality of this community.

On March 7, 1927, a Reverend Walter William August (W.W.A.) Keller, a Lutheran Pastor, and the first board of directors organized the Lutheran Charities Association and sold bonds to campaign for a new hospital.

They were determined to provide Jamestown and the surrounding area with state of the art care and a “vision of the future.”

Although the community placed the hospital cornerstone in 1928, the stock market crash of 1929 sidelined the completion of the project for six years.

At times, funds were so scarce; Keller would go door to door; farm to farm collecting anything from 10 to 25 cents to purchase groceries and coal. The community hosted an annual Harvest Festival and collected pillowcases, pickles and flour. Adversity would be common, but the community always supported its hospital. They were philanthropists at their core.

The current JRMC Foundation was officially established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1988. Its focus is cultivating private philanthropy in support of JRMC.

Our Tax-Id number is 36-3348763

We help JRMC meet the unique challenges of serving—with excellence and proficiency—a regional population of more than 55,000.

Today, we continue to fund cancer care and humanitarian needs, capital facilities, endowment, human capital, innovation and technology, and equipment while providing a healing environment.

David Smette
Terry Lund
Vice Chair
Terry Nieland
Kara Falk
Duane Dunn
Duane Enzminger
Michelle Neumiller
Larue Odenbach
Joanne Ottmar
Russ Sunderland
Nicole Wiederrich


Jamestown Hospital Administrator, Miss Gina Hanson, invited the presidents of local church aides to meet and organize the first women’s Auxiliary. In 1937, 47 members signed the charter and dues of 50 cents were paid. They would sew, make scrapbooks, fundraise and make sick calls.

Auxiliary’s first officers (L to R) Mrs. E. A. Moline, Mrs. E.W. Fenno, Mrs. Joseph Johnson, Mrs. E. Michel, Mrs. C. Fluetsch

A second auxiliary formed in 1952 until 1967. The present day auxiliary started in 1973. Early on, with the direction of administrator Emil Weiland, they launched a Telecare program to call patients at home and created the gift shoppe.

Today, they have raised more than $400,000 for hospital programs and services.

Major Contributions:

  • 2019 — Current Campaign for Fetal Monitoring System
  • 2018 — Launched Driven to Care Program
  • 2014-2018 — JRMC Cancer Center Infusion Room & Campaign
  • 2016 — 3D Digital Mammography & Infant Warmer
  • 2014    — JRMC Auxiliary Endowment Fund
  • 2014 — Digital Mammography
  • 2014 — Essential Life-Saving Equipment
  • 2009-2013 — New Hospital Campaign
  • 2006-2009 — Endowment Campaign
  • 2001-2005 — Home Health & Equipment
  • 1999-2004 — Building Project

Areas of Service:

  • Fundraising and events
  • Front Desk
  • Gift Shoppe
  • Surgery Center
  • Stitchers
  • Telecare


  • Tea for All Seasons
  • Spring & Holiday Bazaar
  • Salad Luncheon

Members receive:

  • Monthly dessert and education
  • Free flu shots and blood screening for TB
  • An invitation to the annual JRMC Volunteer Appreciation event.

To learn more contact:
JRMC Volunteers Services & Community Development at (701) 952-4809

Over 100 women and men volunteer their time and talents to Jamestown Regional Medical Center and its Foundation every year. They are the difference in achieving our vision of becoming the best rural hospital in the country for patients to receive care, employees to work and providers to practice.