Muscle pain? Migraines? Sciatica? If yes, dry needling might offer relief.

Dry needling inserts thin monofilament needles into the muscle. This releases shortened bands of muscles, decreases trigger point activity and most of all, reduces pain.


No solution is injected, which is why the service is called “dry needling.”

“Dry needling has been a great tool to add to our list of services at JRMC,” said JRMC Physical Therapist, Cody Champagne. “It has changed the way we treat patients with muscular pain and has decreased treatment time – meaning that patients get better quickly. It really is a win.”

Dry needling decreases pain and restores proper muscle function. It can benefit anyone dealing with pain, acute or chronic that is from a neurologic or muscular origin.

Following are four quick facts about dry needling:

  • experience results in as little as two to four treatment sessions
  • not acupuncture
  • extremely thin needles used
  • 15 minute session

Typical sessions include a review of how the patient is doing and cleaning the injection area. Once the needle is inserted, the therapist applies an electric stimulation lasting either seconds or minutes dependent on patient response. Patients can feel an increase in pain from the needle or cramping sensation in the treated muscle for 12 to 24 hours post-session.

JRMC has two certified dry needling physical therapists on staff, Cody Champagne, DPT, and Paula Marker, MPT. They use this technique to decrease the number of treatment sessions a patient needs before his or her pain is managed.

Although not covered by insurance, JRMC has seen great success with migraine patients by decreasing dependence on medication and with sciatica patients and decreasing their pain.

Schedule direct with JRMC Rehabilitation, call (701) 952-4800. JRMC Rehabilitation also offers free injury screenings.


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