Knowing cancer is the leading cause of death in Stutsman County for residents ages 45-84, one car dealership wanted to do something about it.

Alison Kennison hugs Diane Nelson at Running of the Pink in Jamestown. Running of the Pink raises money for women’s health in Jamestown.

So they did. And in 10 years, they’ve raised more than $100,000.

More than 560 men, women and children registered for R.M. Stout’s 2017 Running of the Pink 5K and 10K events. This year, the event raised $22,800. That included a $5,000 donation directly from R.M. Stoudt. All proceeds stay local and benefit the No Excuses program and the Women’s Way Chapter for and cervical cancer screenings as well as education and other needs. In the 10-year history of Running of the Pink, Stoudt’s has raised more than $100,000.

“We’re humbled,” said Tara Kapp, BDC Coordinator at R.M. Stoudt. “We’re humbled by the support from everyone. To know that Running of the Pink has helped people, that’s what the event is all about.”

About one-third of Stutsman County women over age 40 said they had not had a mammogram in the last two years, according to the North Dakota Department of Health.

“If caught early, the treatment options for breast cancer are so much better,” said Robin Iszler, Central Valley Health unit administrator. “Catching cancer early can mean the difference between a small surgery to remove a lump, or a large surgery to remove the full breast.”

Tara Kapp, BDC Coordinator at R.M. Stoudt, helped organize the annual Running of the Pink. In the 10-year history of the event, Stoudt’s has raised more than $100,000 for women’s health.

Jamestown Regional Medical Center hosts the No Excuses program every year, in conjunction with Central Valley Health.

That day, women can come in for their basic screening as well as their mammogram, all in one quick visit. Plus, if women have financial barriers, proceeds from Running of the Pink cover those expenses.

No Excuses helped 14 women at its last event in November, but proceeds from Running of the Pink help women all year, said Lisa Jackson, JRMC foundation director.

“JRMC uses funds from Running of the Pink to help women pay for screenings,” Jackson said. “The money also helps pay for cancer-related equipment. Those proceeds benefit everyone who needs cancer screenings.”

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