When Jamestown Regional Medical Center built its new location in southwest Jamestown, it dreamed of the day we could eliminate miles in the journey to recovery.

Miles matter because miles are expensive. Miles make a sick person feel sicker. They mean lost work, missed soccer games and empty seats at church.

That dream is now a reality. It’s happening. The JRMC Cancer Center will be holding a Ribbon Cutting Celebration on Thursday, June 13 and will begin seeing patients on Monday, June 17.

The JRMC Cancer Center expects to provide chemotherapy infusions for more than 100 people in the region. This will eliminate more than 160,000 miles of travel per year.

Patients of the JRMC Cancer Center will receive chemotherapy and other medical infusion therapies in a private, comfortable, light-filled setting with an experienced team to tend to their needs.

Patients’ individual treatment areas are equipped with state-of-the-art, sit-to-stand infusion chairs and companion chairs for visitors, smart TVs, WiFi and refreshments for patients and their companions. The JRMC Cancer Center provides a full comfort menu to include personal care items, music, warm blankets, quiet kits and healing touch therapies.

JRMC serves a nine-county region. More than 350 people in the same region are diagnosed with cancer. That is more than 10 percent of North Dakota’s new cases of cancer in an area that comprises only seven percent of the state’s total population.

Cancer is the leading cause of death for those ages 45–84 in Stutsman County.

It’s for all of these individuals and those that love them, that JRMC worked to make this dream a reality. Whenever possible, cancer patients should be able to receive cancer care close to home. Depending on the circumstances, most patients can be managed successfully at the community level.

For more information, contact JRMC Cancer Center at (701) 952-1050.