Four junior nursing students from the University of Jamestown (UJ) are joining the JRMC team this summer through the Nurse Co-op program. This experience aims to develop nursing students’ skills and ready them for their professional careers through hands-on practice opportunities.

The Nursing Co-op program at JRMC offers students the unique opportunity to complete two rotations in different areas of the medical center. This program has been part of the medical center’s history for over a decade. It gives the students a comprehensive understanding of nursing roles and a chance to gain valuable experience.

Image of Payson GrinerUJ nursing students Kaylee Panchot and Payson Griner, both current unit clerks and certified nursing assistants in JRMC’s Emergency Department, are thrilled to participate in the program. “I can’t wait to gain experience and improve my skills this summer,” said Panchot. Griner added, “I’m excited to gain confidence in my nursing abilities.”

In addition, Ryan Messner, a UJ nursing student and football player and Paige Maynard, a former Montana resident, will join the Nurse Co-op program. “I’m super excited for this opportunity to learn at JRMC,” said Maynard.

“We are committed to supporting the next generation of nurses and healthcare professionals,” said Trisha Jungels, Chief Nursing Officer of JRMC. “The Nurse Co-op program provides valuable experience for students to strengthen their skills and explore the variety of nursing roles here at JRMC.”

JRMC and UJ have a long-standing and trusted partnership. This collaboration provides:

  • clinical opportunities
  • mentorship and education for nursing students
  • preparing students for successful careers in nursing

The Nurse Co-op program is a vital component of JRMC’s commitment to nurturing the future of healthcare. By providing hands-on experience and mentorship to aspiring nurses, the program aims to cultivate a skilled and compassionate healthcare workforce. This initiative reflects JRMC’s dedication to investing in the professional growth and development of future healthcare professionals.