In a 60-mile radius, 252 individuals are diagnosed or pass away from cancer each year because of cancer.

Today, nearly everyone is affected by cancer in some way. So how do you show support for someone battling this disease? The following gestures can make a big difference to someone going through cancer.

  • Cancer patients have a lot on their minds and their schedules. Consider mowing the lawn, accompanying them to therapy or assisting with errands or small house projects. Home-cooked meals are also often welcome. Work with neighbors and friends to organize a meal train with this free website. (
  • Visits and conversation. Accompanying cancer patients to appointments can be beneficial, for both the individual’s physical and mental health. Company and socializing allow them to share what is on their mind. This time provides the perfect opportunity to listen.
  • Notes of encouragement can lift an individual’s mood. Humor provides relief and smiles, if only for a moment.
  • Allow for sadness. A cancer diagnosis is scary. Agree to listen in a quiet, non-judgmental way.
  • Sometimes humor is the best medicine.
  • Connect them with groups including the Jamestown Cancer Support Group, Relay for Life or Jamestown Area Grief Support. Many of the individuals in these organizations have similar experiences, so they can often understand the needs of someone who has received a recent diagnosis.
  • Make a gift to a charitable cause in honor or memory of someone. Those gifts are a great way to benefit both the individual and the greater good. At JRMC, donors may designate gifts to a variety of causes, including the JRMC Cancer Center or another department.
  • The rewards of volunteering are difficult to put into words. Companionship, hospitality, fundraising or participating in our Driven to Care program are just a few of the ways you can get involved with volunteering at the JRMC Cancer Center.

Infusion therapies require a provider referral. Once a referral is received, the JRMC Cancer Center will contact patients for appointment coordination.

For more information about the JRMC Cancer Center, call (701) 952-3954.