Now that comprehensive chemotherapy services are available at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, learning how to access that care is important.

Primary care providers or referring doctors are important partners in care. They provide health history and insight into the cancer treatment planning process. Communication between primary care teams and the JRMC Cancer Center is important before, during and following cancer therapy. Whenever possible, cancer patients should be able to receive cancer care close to their home.

Depending on the circumstances, most patients can be managed successfully at the community level. A patient may request the JRMC Cancer Center for therapy or treatment.

Patients of the JRMC Cancer Center receive chemotherapy and other medical infusion therapies in a private, comfortable, light-filled setting with an experienced team to tend to their needs.

Patients’ individual treatment areas are equipped with state-of-the-art, sit-to-stand infusion chairs and companion chairs for visitors, smart TVs, WiFi and refreshments for patients and their companions. The JRMC Cancer Center provides a full comfort menu to include personal care items, music, warm blankets, quiet kits and healing touch therapies.

Infusion therapy treatments include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, iron therapy and blood transfusions related to chemotherapy.

Oncology is not a self-referred service. It requires a provider referral. Once a referral is received, the JRMC Cancer Center will contact patients for appointment coordination.

For patients currently receiving infusions through the JRMC Emergency Department, JRMC will review all current outpatient therapy or treatments to determine if the JRMC Cancer Center can accommodate them. JRMC will contact patients regarding the location of their care.

JRMC aims to exceed expectations and be THE difference in the lives that they serve. The JRMC Cancer Center is an example of this.

Learn more regarding the JRMC Cancer Center at (701) 952-3954.