Jamestown Regional Medical Center recently announced Holly Wald as its most recent Legend Award recipient.

The Legend Award is the most prestigious distinction for a JRMC employee. The Legend Award recognizes employees who exceed expectations and make THE difference in the lives of those they serve.

JRMC Patient Access Manager Alison Kennison and Respiratory Therapist Erin Stewart nominated Wald because of her caring and compassionate nature.

“Holly is known for never saying “It’s not my job” and for picking up shifts when the department is short of help,” Kennison wrote. “She always thinks of others, especially her patients and coworkers. This is especially shown during winter storms – Holly always keeps an overnight bag in her vehicle just in case.”

Originally from the Edgeley, N.D. area, Wald joined the JRMC team in 2014.

JRMC’s 350 employees cast anonymous votes to select each Legend Award winner.

The purpose of the Legend Award is to inspire, motivate and capture the moments that define JRMC. The goal is to help employees and volunteers connect to the sense of purpose that brought them to the organization. This award is for employees who’ve made extreme efforts to benefit their patients and colleagues.

“The nominations inspire staff members to continually be the best, exceed expectations and make THE difference in the lives of those we serve,” said JRMC President & CEO, Mike Delfs.

Once nominated, both JRMC administration and employees vote on their favorite nominees and their stories.

“Holly is one of the many patient access faces of JRMC. Her passion and dedication to our patients and their families is unwavering. She is the definition of Legendary Healthcare,” said JRMC Chief Operating Officer Ricki Ramlo. “During Holly’s tenure with JRMC, she has greeted and taken care of the needs of many, including supporting her coworkers. During a recent weather-related event, Holly was an amazing resource to many staff due to the need of working with a skeleton storm team. She is a perfect example of years of consistent commitment to performing with selfless purpose and providing legendary care each day. Her steady demeanor and calm approach is celebrated and are part of the JRMC work culture.”

The Legend Award first began in 2012. Since then, more than 40 individuals have been named Legends and more than 115 employees were nominated.

The Best of the Blizzard

In preparation for winter storms, JRMC has a plan. The hospital prepares by alerting employees, offering rides, renting out sleep rooms and anticipating patient needs.

In preparation for winter storms, Patient Access Clerk Holly Wald also has a plan – to care for others.

Since Wald joined JRMC in 2014, she’s kept a duffel bag in the trunk of her vehicle, just in case. Wald, who lives near Edgeley, N.D., volunteers to stay at JRMC and work extra shifts during every winter storm. Most recently during the storm in late December 2019, Wald covered the admissions desk in the Emergency Department from Sunday at 2 p.m., meaning she slept at JRMC from Saturday until Tuesday. Hospital employees often do this and JRMC is grateful. What makes Wald so legendary is she does this for every single storm. For this storm and several others, Wald even arrived two days early for a shift, sleeping at the hospital, ensuring she was available when needed.

In addition to covering shifts, Wald shovels sidewalks every couple hours, ensures patients make it safely from the ED to their vehicles and helps make sure employees sleeping at JRMC all have room assignments. She also bends over backward for the Respiratory Department scheduling patients, reading orders and contacting the physician if necessary. These tasks are not part of a patient access clerk’s job description, however, Holly insists on doing it anyway.

She is known for never saying “it’s not my job” and for picking up shifts when the department is short of help. Wald is always thinking of others, especially her patients and coworkers.

Wald is a true #DifferenceMaker at JRMC.