Let’s Roll: Open Enrollment insurance advice available at JRMC

Image. JRMC is holding an event during Open Enrollment on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to help answer questions regarding health insurance.
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Let’s Roll: Open Enrollment insurance advice available at JRMC

Selecting health insurance plans can be ‘sticky.’ That’s why Jamestown Regional Medical Center is offering caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls and other sticky treats to help educate individuals during the Open Enrollment period.

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JRMC Holiday Debut raised funds for patient care at JRMC.
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JRMC Holiday Debut raises $2,600 for patient care

An early start to holiday gift-giving resulted in the gift of patient care. JRMC’s Holiday Debut raised $2,652 for equipment, technology and patient needs, said Mary Engels, JRMC Volunteer Coordinator. “The money recieved at

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Image of Tim Nill of Nill Construction, Inc. Tim shares his PSA on PSAs regarding his prostate cancer.
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Prostate Cancer: Tim Nill’s PSA on PSAs

Men’s health. Prostate checks. Biopsies. They’re like cheap thrills. I make jokes because if we don’t laugh, we cry. My name is Tim Nill. Three years ago, doctors diagnosed me with prostate

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Jamestown Regional Medical Center offers six different biopsy types to diagnose cancer.
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Cancer: 6 biopsies offered at JRMC

Cancer impacts people of all ages. When a physician suspects cancer, the only way to diagnose it is through a biopsy. Biopsies involve removing a small portion of tissue or fluid and

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Image. Joints, tendons, ligaments and carpals go through much wear and tear, which can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel.
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Top 11 reasons to see an OB/GYN. Period.

Expecting moms. Adolescent girls. Post-menopausal women. Wellness is important for women in all stages of life. A gynecologist treats patients with female reproductive organs. The visit may be uncomfortable, but it’s important

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