A new life is the beginning of many new decisions – baby formula or breast milk? Reusable diapers? Or disposable? Bassinet? Or crib?

“As new moms and dads plan for the arrival of their little one’s birth, it’s important to not only choose a provider that knows the needs of a newborn, but one that you feel comfortable with too,” said Dr. Bailey Runkles, JRMC gynecologist & obstetrician.

But before you get too caught up in car seats, carriers and calming methods, complete these first baby steps.

  1. VitaminsPrenatal vitamins including folic acid taken in the months leading up to a conception can help prevent birth defects and sometimes morning sickness.
  1. Choose a baby doctorIt is important to choose a provider who is well-versed in the needs of a newborn. 
  1. Schedule an examAt 10 weeks gestation, the first appointment with a gynecologist and obstetrician will usually include a review of health history, physical examination, an ultrasound and lab work. At JRMC, the team will schedule appointments for every four weeks and will continue monthly until approximately 28 weeks gestation. After 28 weeks, a patient can expect to have appointments scheduled for every two weeks until one month prior to the due date. At that point, a patient will be seen each week.
  1. Create a birth planBirth plans are tools that can be helpful for organizing and sharing a new mom’s preferences during and after childbirth. While birth plans are not a contract or guarantee, patients are encouraged to share their preferences with their physician and nurses.
  1. Prenatal classesDuring a prenatal session, a new mom will learn what to expect during labor and delivery, including relaxation and breathing techniques. New moms will also learn what medications will be available during labor. Some sessions focus on basic infant care including car seat preparations, feeding and immunizations.

“We enjoy every opportunity that allows us to care for new moms, babies and their families,” JRMC Family BirthPlace Manager, Emily Woodley shared. “We look forward to seeing you!”

Pregnant? Contact our gynecology and obstetrics team and schedule direct: (701) 952-4878.