Healogics recently recognized Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Wound & Hyperbarics Clinic as a Center of Distinction.

JRMC’s Wound & Hyperbaric Center manages wounds that won’t heal.

For patients living with a chronic wound, everyday activities can be a battle. Without proper treatment patients may suffer for years without any improvement, or even worse, may face amputation.

The JRMC Wound & Hyperbaric Center understands the challenges faced each day when it comes to chronic and non-chronic healing wounds. The center offers cutting-edge treatments, the highest quality of dedicated providers and specialists and the ability to work with dressing formularies – all to help wounds heal faster.

Healogics partners with 600 Wound Care Centers like JRMC across the nation. Healogics and its partners have treat more than 300,000 patients annually and in 20 years, healed more than 4 million wounds. In 2020 alone, JRMC’s Wound Center healed more than 120 individuals. JRMC remains the only hospital in North Dakota to offer a specialized wound center with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). HBOT fights infections, heals wounds and treats conditions including radiation burns, graft failures and various ulcers.

 “We are grateful for this award because it reflects the hard work the entire JRMC Wound team puts into our patients to ensure their success,” said Amanda Lausch, Wound and Hyperbaric Specialist.

JRMC received the distinction because of its high patient satisfaction and heal rates. In JRMC’s case: more than 92% of patients reported they were satisfied with their care. Also, more than 92% of patients healed in 28 days or less.

“JRMC deserves this distinction because the wound team demonstrates hard work and perseverance while delivering ‘Patient First’ care to each and every patient,” said Joy Shahin, JRMC Wound and Hyperbaric Clinical Program Director. “We are changing the lives of our patients one wound at a time.”

Despite the challenges this year, JRMC worked hard to provide legendary care for patients.

“I am so excited for the Wound Center,” said Trisha Jungles, JRMC Chief Nursing Officer. “JRMC Wound Center has been working towards this distinction since we began providing care to our community. This is testament of resilience, dedication and love. I am so proud of the Wound team.”

Learn more about wound healing at www.jrmcnd.com/specialties/wound-hyperbarics.

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