Cancer is a scary disease. And, it can create a wide array of emotions for everyone involved.

Cancer can be a little less scary when you know what to do.

The JRMC Cancer Center offers steps to follow when hearing a cancer diagnosis.

  • Know the details. What’s the name? Where is it located? How big is it? Where did it start and has it spread? Details are important, even when knowing if the cancer is aggressive or slow-growing. It is important to know what treatment options are available, as well as side effects.

Have a companion with during the appointment for a second pair of ears. A companion can be your advocate and can help make certain you understand the information.

  • Ask what treatment option is best. Most surgeries can be performed on a local level.

JRMC Surgery Center offers mastectomies, lumpectomies, mass excisions and other biopsies performed by highly skilled surgeons and lead surgical teams.

Oncology Referrals

Whenever possible, cancer patients should be able to receive cancer care close to home. Depending on the circumstances, most patients can be managed successfully at the community level.

JRMC’s Cancer Center works alongside an individual’s primary care or referring doctor because they are an important partner in care. Those physicians provide health history and insight about the situation that is vital in the cancer treatment planning process. Communication between primary care providers and the JRMC Cancer Center team is important before, during and following cancer therapy.

Oncology is not a self-referred service. It requires a provider referral. Once a referral is received, the JRMC Cancer Center will contact patients for appointment coordination.

The JRMC Cancer Center will begin seeing patients in June. For more information, call (701) 952-1050.