Stock Gift Benefits:

  • avoid paying capital gains tax
  • receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • enjoy possible increased income
  • further our mission and be the difference in a patient’s life today!

Although you probably don’t give out of getting tax benefits, if you make a gift of stock through appreciated assets you’ll get the added bonus taking a tax deduction for the FULL value of the stock. Plus, you are not liable for tax on the capital gain being given.

It is important that you transfer the stock directly to JRMC Foundation.  For example, if you have $10,000 in stock that you bought for $2,000 and YOU sell the stock and donate the proceeds, you’ll owe taxes from the sale.

If you instead donate the stock, you’ll still get the same tax deduction for the donation — and now you’ll also avoid having to pay taxes on the stock sale. JRMC Foundation will still get the full donation — because it pays no taxes when selling the stock.


If you plan to make a year-end gift, we recommend beginning the process by mid-November so as to allow four to six weeks for the transaction.

To make your gift, and to ensure that you receive proper acknowledgement and documentation, please refer to instructions on transferring the following types of assets:

Securities Held by a Bank or Broker
It is important that you notify JRMC Foundation before making a gift of securities currently held by a bank or broker. Without this notice, your gift may be transferred to us without our knowledge of your identity. This makes it difficult to provide you with proper credit and timely acknowledgement for your gift.

We recommend that you consult your tax advisor for more information regarding the gift tax and income tax results of such gifts as they apply to your specific situation. JRMC Foundation does not provide donors with individual tax advice.

To provide your gift information on stock and bond transfer instructions, contact:
JRMC Foundation Director, Lisa Jackson
(701) 253-4806

Stock Certificates You Hold
You can deliver stock certificates that you hold either by mail or in person.

Delivery by Mail
Send your un-endorsed securities by registered mail to:

JRMC Foundation
2422 20th Street SW
Jamestown, ND 58401-6201

In a separate envelope, send to the above address, by regular mail:

  • a StockBondPowerForm for each security a note giving your name, address and phone number
  • the name of the fund to be credited OR the purpose of the gift

Sign the forms exactly as the name or names appear on the security. The signatures should be guaranteed by a bank or broker so that transfer requirements can be met later.

Mail both envelopes on the same day. The date of delivery for gift credit purposes will be determined by the postmarks.

Delivery in Person
To personally deliver your securities to JRMC Foundation, stop in to our office or make an appointment. You can meet with Lisa Jackson, Foundation Director, at your home, office or other specified location. Please call her at (701) 253-4806. The date of the gift for gift credit purposes will be the date upon which personal delivery occurs if the securities are fully assigned.

Mutual Fund Shares
The benefits of giving shares of mutual funds are similar to those of giving appreciated securities, but the process takes a little longer.