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JRMC Foundation’s endowment is the future of
affordable, high quality, state-of-the-art healthcare.

An endowment is a forever fund. Only interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the fund. Only about 3 to 5% is spent on an annual basis, growing the original funds over time. Professional money managers oversee our fund.

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John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund

Barb and Curt Togsted C.A.R.E Fund

Fran Romsdal Oncology

Clarice & Reuben Liechty Fund

Dave and Mandy Sorlie & Family ANGELS Fund


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  • Debbie Gabel Memorial Fund

You can make a gift to our endowment annually at any amount, or establish a named fund. For certain purposes, such as providing unrestricted resources for a department or for an award, you may establish an endowed fund with a minimum $5,000 gift. For endowed scholarships or equipment funds, the minimum gift is $25,000. The amount varies for endowed positions or departments.

To make a gift to an endowment, simply name it in your contribution.


John Dardis Memorial

hospice gift fund

Established by Patricia Dardis, family and friends in memory of John Dardis. The fund provides hospice patients and families with financial support for non-medical needs identified by hospice staff members.

John Dardis passed away from colon cancer in 2008 at the age of 60.  To carry on his tradition of caring for others, his family developed The John Dardis Memorial Hospice Gift Fund at Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) Foundation.  Through this fund, local hospice patients can receive money to purchase items of a non-medical need.  Knowing that lack of money can cause great hardship for hospice patients and families, having this fund as an option for an unmet need have been helpful to many.

“One of our greatest pleasures has been to give JRMC Hospice admissions a beautiful Sherpa Blanket,” says Patricia Dardis, John’s wife.

“From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your willingness to be a part of this project.  If you are looking to donate a memorial gift, we invite you to consider this hospice gift fund.” Patricia Dardis.

Barb and Curt Togstad C.A.R.E. Fund

Continue Aiding Recipients Affected by Cancer Evermore (C.A.R.E.)

Established by Barb and Curt Togstad to support patients facing a cancer diagnosis or receiving cancer care by providing gas or food or other gift cards.

Fran Romsdal Oncology Fund

Established by Monica Romsdal and the Jamestown Community Foundation to help build oncology services and help patients with cancer care.

Reuben and Clarice Liechty Fund

Established by Reuben and Clarice Liechty to support the greatest needs of Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Dave and Mandy Sorlie & Family ANGELS Fund

Advocating for Neonatal Grief & Early Loss Support (ANGELS)

ANGELS stands for Advocating for Neonatal Grief & Early Loss Support. In August 2015, the Dave and Mandy Sorlie family created a fund to off-set the cost or pay in full, the hospital bill for those who experience a fetal or neonatal loss.

While the loss of any loved one is difficult, the loss of an infant or unborn child is unthinkable. One family felt helpless in offering bereaved families comfort in the days following the loss of their child. Dave and Mandy Sorlie talked about what they could do to offer support to these families during this time of sadness. In August 2015, the Dave and Dr. Mandy Sorlie and Family Advocating for Neonatal Grief & Early Loss Support (ANGELS) Fund was created.

“It was actually Dave’s idea. We just couldn’t imagine going through this and then having to pay a hospital bill for delivery,” says Mandy. The purpose will be to provide funds to off-set the cost, and as the fund grows, pay in full the hospital expenses for those who experience the unexpected loss of their infant.