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Wish List

  • I zap germs, save lives. As part of expanding our infection-fighting team, JRMC wants to add a “germ-zapping” robot called The Xenex LightStrike™. Multi-drug resistant organisms can cause life-threating infections and are a difficult problem to solve with cleaning alone. You can invest in technology that will help zap germs and fight infections. The addition of Xenex robot to treat patient rooms and other key areas in the facility will help keep patients healthy, prevent infection and save thousands in medical costs. The Xenex pulsed xenon UV disinfection system has been credited by health care facilities across the U.S. for helping them reduce their infection rates significantly. Several hospitals have published their C.diff, MRSA and Surgical Site infection rate reduction studies – showing infection rate reductions in excess of 70 percent. The impact on patients is expected to be significant- and it wouldn’t be possible without your compassion and support.
  • The ORTHO VISION® Analyzer plays an enormously important role in the modern treatment of patients with cancer. It will anticipate and respond to the unique and unpredictable needs of the lab, improve all transfusion workflow and enable enhanced patient care.

  • Lifeline units provide independence at home while keeping patients safe.
  • “FAST” bedside ultrasound rapidly identifies internal bleeding in trauma patients, potentially saving lives and creating better care outcomes.
  • PURCHASED! Cell phone charging station for the emergency department waiting area. Additional charging stations have been requested for the JRMC Clinic and Surgical Center waiting areas.
  • PURCHASED! Vapotherm unit (below) help every patient in respiratory distress. Infants who have bronchiolitis or respiratory syncytial virus to elderly struggling with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

JRMC was the first hospital in the state to offer 3D Mammography. It can detect breast cancer at Stage 0. We also offer the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® providing mobility at a fraction of your body weight so you can recover better from surgery, stroke or a sports injury. The Bone Densitometry (DXA) is on campus to aid in early detection and prevention of osteoporosis. And the hyperbaric chamber is the only in the state for advanced wound care.