Woman survives uterine cancer

Image of Betty and Loren Kittelson. Betty survived uterine cancer after a visit with JRMC Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Dr. Bailey Runkles.
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Woman survives uterine cancer

Less than five percent. That is the average number of carcinosarcoma uterine cancer cases diagnosed each year, according to the National Cancer Institute. And roughly 35 percent of patients diagnosed will survive

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Todd Robyt, urology patient who received bladder surgery
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Bladder surgery is life-changing for Jamestown truck driver

One truck driver knew something was wrong when he’d go to bed at night and wake up soiled in urine. Todd Robyt, Jamestown, suffered from urinary incontinence. The incontinence didn’t bother him

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Image of Katie, JHS basketball star who recovered after ACL surgery.
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Basketball star’s ACL journey

Born athlete and junior at Jamestown High School, Katie Osborne has played basketball since she can remember. During the off-season, Katie is usually shooting hoops with friends or on the green during

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Sally Peterson
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2 cancerous polyps found during woman’s difficult colonoscopy

After surgery to remove cancer, one 73-year-old woman is feeling better than she has in decades. Sally Peterson, of Adrian, N.D., was diagnosed with a twisted colon and several polyps in 2003

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Donna Nelson, JRMC surgical patient
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Low infection rate prompts retired nurse to choose JRMC

One retired nurse chose Jamestown Regional Medical Center because of its low rate of infections. Donna Mae Nelson, a Valley City native, worked as a nurse for 40 years because she loved

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