Marlys Scherbenske said she got “the best of the best care” at Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC).

After years of wear and tear, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael T. Dean replaced her right hip in November.

“I had to have this done. I was in severe pain,” she said.

Scherbenske, who lives in Lehr, N.D., said her chiropractor, Dr. Eric J. Froehling, in Wishek, N.D., recommended she see an orthopedic specialist. The chiropractor helped Scherbenske with the arthritis pain she developed after an injury in 2006.

“The chiropractor suggested I have surgery. He recommended Dr. Dean to other patients because the outcome is always superb,” she said. “My pain was constant. Bone rubbed against bone. Surgery was my only option left.”

Dr. Froehling said he is glad to hear of Scherbenske’s outcome.

“I enjoyed caring for Mrs. Scherbenske until her hip joint was beyond responding to conservative care. At that point I knew a referral was needed. I have had good results with Dr. Dean at JRMC,” he said.

Dr. Dean joined the JRMC team in 2011. Throughout his career, the Mayo-trained surgeon has replaced more than 6,000 joints.


Once scheduled with Dr. Dean, Scherbenske connected with Mercede Fiebiger. Fiebiger is a registered nurse, clinic manager and JRMC’s orthopedic joint navigator.

The joint navigator helps patients before surgery and after surgery. First, the navigator assists each patient select a surgery date, maps out an appointment plan, and provides individualized patient education and support throughout their joint replacement journey. The joint navigator and the JRMC Orthopedics Team help individuals get back to doing their favorite things. Scherbenske said she appreciated the support.

Marlys Scherbenske at JRMC.

“From the beginning, they put me at ease.” Scherbenske said. “I don’t worry and I don’t have to.”

As part of her care, JRMC Orthopedics also gave Scherbenske a joint care kit which includes, pants (for surgeries such as knees and hips), snack pack and water bottle. Patients also attend a joint education class, so they know what to expect before and after surgery.

“The pants are special. They zip on the side so that when the doctor checks my incision, I don’t have to disrobe,” Scherbenske said.


Part of Scherbenske’s care plan included a two-week stay at the Benedictine Living Community in LaMoure, N.D. While there, medical teams cared for her and helped her with physical therapy.

“I miss it there – that says a lot,” she said.

She also said Dr. Dean’s care and bedside manner impressed her.

“He was kind and he listened. He wasn’t in a rush to leave the room,” she said.

Now that she is recovered, Scherbenske said she is looking forward to gardening, horseback riding and caring for her 9-month-old great-granddaughter.

“I have lots to do now and I’m very busy,” she said. “I’m happy with everything at this hospital. They took good care of me.”