Ask the Joint Navigator

JRMC is here to help you pre-op, post-op and beyond. Navigation starts today, first with selecting a surgery date and second mapping out an appointment plan. JRMC Orthopedics Team is here to get you back to doing your favorite things with our legendary care.


Let us help you map out your appointment plan

  • joint class
  • pre-op physical
  • pre-op rehab consult
  • pre-op lab
  • 1-week post-op nurse visit
  • 2-week post-op visit

If you are enrolled in our automated appointment reminders, these will only occur for the pre-op rehab consult and for clinic visits following surgery.


While we try to start insurance verification right away, it may be more convenient to complete over the phone.

This call expedites some of the work as you register and reminds you of important documents to bring.

This call from the surgical team provides your check-in  and procedure time, as well as some final guidance.

Dr. Rachael Renschler, podiatrist/foot & ankle surgeon at JRMC, shares her thoughts on women's foot health and shoe choices. Learn more at (701) 952-4878.


JRMC provides you a 4-piece comfort kit during your stay

  • blanket
  • pants (for surgeries such as knees and hips)
  • snack pack and tips from a nutrition aide
  • water bottle