Jamestown Regional Medical Center named Ann Ede the 2024 SHERO Award recipient. The award honors women in the community who demonstrate courage, outstanding accomplishments and noble qualities that inspire others.

Image of 2024 SHERO Ann Ede and Arianna August
(L to R) 2024 SHERO Award winner Ann Ede stands with nominator Arianna August.

Ann Ede was nominated by her colleague, Arianna August. In her nomination, August highlighted the profound impact of Ede’s work stating, “My SHERO is Ann Ede. She is a co-owner of Triumph Incorporated and a truly remarkable individual. Ann has transformed the lives of many in her community, family and friends through her work with Triumph, an organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities reach their full potential. She consistently exceeds expectations in her role, making a difference in the lives of those she serves.”

Ede is deeply engaged in empowering people with disabilities. She also mentors other women in business and assists them in achieving their goals.

As her nomination states, “Ann inspires so many and is truly an exemplary role model. She touches the hearts of everyone who has ever known her through her resilience in overcoming adversity time and again. I have never known someone to face so many challenges successively and still emerge with such positivity and strength. She is nothing short of remarkable.”

Dr. Gregg McAdoo is a member of JRMC’s OB/GYN team and award selection committee. He commented, “Ann Ede demonstrates the courage, compassion and selflessness this award was created to recognize. She is an outstanding role model for women in our community and we are honored to name her our 2024 SHERO.”

The SHERO award was established by JRMC’s OB/GYN department. It is a testament to women’s extraordinary accomplishments and noble qualities in our community. This award is a platform to celebrate and honor those who inspire others. The 2023 SHERO honoree was Melissa Burdick.