October is breast health month. And, it’s the perfect time to schedule a mammogram.

Experts recommend women age 40 and over receive regular mammograms because of the increased risk of developing breast cancer. However, if a family history of breast cancer exists, please consult a physician as this may need to begin earlier.


“Mammograms are one of the best tools to detect breast cancer early,” said JRMC Radiologist Dr. Madhusudhan Reddy. “Early detection of breast cancer provides more options for treatment.”

New to 40? Here’s what you need to know about your first mammogram.

  • 3D mammography produces a better image quality and the utilization of computer technology to improve the accuracy of testing. It also helps to eliminate false positives. 3D technology works behind the scenes to create multiple layered images to provide individual views through tissue.
  • Avoid your period. Avoid scheduling your mammogram during the week of your menstrual period, as breasts are often more tender or swollen.
  • Deodorant, perfume and lotion should not be worn during a mammogram. Deodorant is provided after the appointment.
  • 30 minutes is how long the procedure takes. Each breast is compressed for only 20 to 30 seconds. Compression ensures a clear view of the breast.
  • Tell the technologist if you have breast implants or not. Breast implants require additional images.

When the mammogram is completed, results will be read and delivered to your healthcare provider. Afterward, your provider will notify you of the results.

Mammograms don’t have to be scary, especially with a great chain of support. Relax during your mammogram by knowing that your loved ones support you.

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