One mom did not expect a career change when her son fell off his bike.

Her then 3-year-old son, Xander, loved all things dinosaurs and fossils, as well as playing outside and showing his mom, Trista Devary, new tricks on his bicycle.

Devary, a certified nurse assistant (CNA), was working at another healthcare organization in May of 2017, when Xander fell while riding his bicycle.

Bruised, scraped and teary-eyed, Devary brought Xander to the JRMC Emergency Department. The ED medical team recommended a consultation with JRMC Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Timothy Volk, due to Dr. Volk’s experience with orthopedic traumas.

Right distal radius and ulnar fracture of his right arm. After a visit to the Emergency Department, Xander had weekly x-rays, clinic visits, two surgeries and rehabilitation after his arm was cast.

Dr. Volk joined the JRMC orthopedic team in 2016. Dr. Volk completed his training in osteopathic medicine in Pennsylvania.

“Seeing them progress and how resilient and happy they are after beginning to heal,” shared Dr. Volk. “That’s what I enjoy most about treating pediatric patients.”

“Our family was completely blown away with how well Dr. Volk and the entire team worked with Xander,” Devary said. “They kept us informed, helped keep Xander’s little brother busy all while keeping Xander calm and happy.”

Devary said she appreciated everyone from admissions to physicians. She especially appreciated Registered Nurses Sara Zink and Deanna VanBruggen, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Lee Ellingson and Radiology Technologist Tanya Schroeder.

“They really did make the best of a bad situation,” she said.

After such a positive experience, Devary knew JRMC was an organization she wanted to join.

She began her career as a CNA in July 2017. One year later, the positive attitudes, overwhelming compassion and the respect for patients and families still impress Devary.

“Through working at JRMC, I gained so much experience and confidence in the work I do. I am grateful for my close-knit family of coworkers.”

In two years, both Xander and his mom have grown to love JRMC and to think of it as one large family.

“We absolutely recommend JRMC to family and friends,” Devary said. “You can count on JRMC and its friendly staff. Plus, JRMC offers so many services all in one location. That really made a great difference in Xander’s recovery.”

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