Jamestown Regional Medical Center announces a new tobacco treatment for patients admitted to the hospital.

JRMC partnered with the North Dakota Department of Health’s Quit Line to connect admitted patients to tobacco cessation services.

This treatment is important, said Dr. Rachael Renschler, podiatrist/foot & ankle surgeon and chief of the JRMC Specialty Clinic. Tobacco and nicotine use delays and interrupts the healing process.

“Whether the patients in our hospital are recovering from surgery or the flu, recovery has fewer complications and is faster without tobacco use,” she said. “Offering this treatment while a patient is already in our care supports them in their immediate recovery as well as their long-term health.”

JRMC received a grant from the North Dakota Department of Health to offer the supplies, training and patient education for the program. Already, three respiratory therapists, Gretchen Trebas, Erin Stewart and Nicole Brandvold, are trained to support patients in the tobacco-cessation journey.

“This program is important to me because most people know they should stop using tobacco but aren’t sure how to go about it. Our training has taught us how to help so that we can give our patients the best care possible. We are excited to support our patients,” Brandvold said.

Though the program is year-round, the state offers a special event this month.

“It’s Quitting Time” is the North Dakota Department of Health’s Tobacco Free program. The program encourages tobacco and e-cigarette users to set a quit date during “It’s Quitting Time” on June 14-20.

Tobacco cessation is part of what makes JRMC a destination for care in the region, said Mallory Schultz. Schultz is JRMC’s laboratory and respiratory therapy manager.

“The reason we continue to receive awards like Top 20 Critical Access Hospital in the country and Top 100 Best Place to Work is because we care about the whole patient,” she said. “These people are our friends and neighbors. We care about their health, before, during and after their care here.”

The tobacco cessation program is also available to outpatient individuals, meaning, they don’t have to be admitted to JRMC. The program is available at no cost to inpatients, and includes two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy. The pricing for outpatient is $50 for the initial one-hour meeting and $25 for each additional half hour follow-up meeting.

To learn more about tobacco cessation at JRMC, call (701) 952-4858.

Learn more at www.jrmcnd.com.