See the SHERO in you

At JRMC, we see you. The adventure seekers. Calendar jugglers. CEOs of their families. We know that SHEROES like you have individual care needs. We also know that the health of a SHERO impacts the health of your family, your work and your life. That’s why our comprehensive OB/GYN team offers 24/7 care to this community.

When a SHERO’S super powers need extra care, we’re here to help save the day.


What makes a SHERO? A SHERO is outstanding, noble and courageous. She is the event manager, temperature taker and household leader. The SHERO is you. The JRMC OB/GYN team offers care for SHEROES of every age and phase. From menstrual cycles to menopause as well as fertility, birth control and reproductive health, care is available at JRMC. Women deserve the best.


OB/GYNs Dr. Gregg McAdoo and Dr. Emily Stromquist as well as Nurse Practitioner Makenzie Breitbach offer expert care in an award-winning facility. When you’re ready for us, we are ready for you. Live your best life with Jamestown Regional Medical Center.


image of Melissa Burdick and her four children
JRMC’s first-ever SHERO, Melissa Burdick, celebrated with her four children Lylah, Harlee, Harper and Logan. JRMC created the award to celebrate women who do great things and inspire others to do the same. The SHERO award seeks to inspire the superhero in others.

Melissa Burdick is Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s first SHERO award recipient. The single mom of four received the honor on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Burdick’s sister, Kristin Brehm, nominated her.

“My sister is a single mom to four children – Lylah, Harlee, Harper and Logan. The youngest and only son was born after my brother-in-law passed away from cancer. She has continued to do anything and everything to make sure her children and family are happy and healthy. Through all this, Taco Bell promoted her to general manager. My sister continues to give life everything she’s got, no matter what hand she is dealt. She is consistently helping friends, family and employees to be their best person.”


Lactation counseling now at JRMC Specialty Clinic

Imagine that the world had invented a new ‘dream product’ to feed and immunize everyone born on Earth. Imagine also that it was available everywhere, required no storage or delivery—and helped mothers to plan their families and reduce the risk of cancer … UNICEF, 1991.

Get to know our mammographers

JRMC would love to introduce you to a couple of our team captains at Pinky Swear Headquarters.

JRMC U to discuss genetic screening for breast cancer risk

The adage is true: knowledge is power. October is breast health month and JRMC is dedicating the upcoming Oct. 12 JRMC U to sharing some empowering information.

Pink for a Purpose: RoP supports women’s health

Nearly 600 participants supported women of the region at the annual Running of the Pink (RoP) event on June 3. This single day supports women’s health programs all year long.

Menopause, bladder health topics of JRMC U: Women’s Health

Questions about the bladder and menopause were among the most popular topics at the JRMC U: Women’s Health class.

OB/GYN to offer JRMC U: Women’s Health education

When it comes to health, women must account for menopause, hot flashes and the impacts of childbirth.