Feel happy, mobile and safe after a home visit from an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy (OT) helps an individual to recover or maintain daily living and work skills. For instance, individuals may include those with a physical, mental, visual or cognitive disorder.

JRMC occupational therapists help patients focus on identifying and eliminating environmental barriers to independence and participation in daily activities. In addition, they work with patients to reach their goals in order to function as independently as possible.


“Occupational therapy is an exciting and rewarding career,” said JRMC Occupational Therapist, Leann Ripplinger. “Being able to see the impact that our home visits can make for each patient and their families is amazing. And, it is a great way to carry out JRMC’s mission to exceed expectations and be the difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Most importantly, this form of therapy focuses on adapting environments, modifying tasks and teaching skills. Additionally, it includes educating the patient or family to increase the participation and performance of daily activities.

JRMC occupational therapists offer home visits. As a result, these home visits help patients develop a personalized treatment approach for their conditions. And, Medicare covers the cost of one home visit per year.

The following are reasons to schedule a home visit.

  1. Unsafe environment. Occupational therapy provides recommendations and education. In short, this is to help elders age in place, accommodating for changing abilities, declines in mobility, balance and function.

Things that were once easy and safe are not always that way later in life. As a result, occupational therapists help individuals adapt their homes. Adaptations can include modifications for furniture, assistive devices and durable medical equipment, for instance.

  1. Needed adaptations. JRMC occupational therapists provide recommendations for individuals with impaired cognitive skills, low vision and balance deficits.

Therefore, these recommendations can also help family members supporting loved ones in a home or apartment setting.

  1. Peace of mind. Loved ones sometimes stress over family members who may not have the best living conditions or ability to move around in their environment. Therefore, a home visit from occupational therapy can help improve those conditions and increase peace of mind.

Lastly, JRMC occupational therapists work through daily activities and goals with their patients to ensure modification needs are met.

Medicare will pay to have an occupational therapist provide a home visit for a patient. As a result, during the home visit, the occupational therapist ensures the home is safe.  They offer options regarding what the patient can do to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

In conclusion, if you or a loved one is having difficulty with everyday activities in their home or community, talk with a physician about a referral for occupational therapy. Schedule an direct: (701) 952-4800.


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