JRMC Wound & Hyperbaric Center: 4 ways to heal

The JRMC Wound Center uses evidence-based clinical pathways to treat patients. And, it's working. The average time to heal a chronic wound is 21 days.
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JRMC Wound & Hyperbaric Center: 4 ways to heal

For patients living with a chronic wound, everyday activities can be a battle. Without proper treatment, patients may suffer for years without any improvement. Or even worse, may face amputation. “We understand

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Image of Dick Christensen before he obtained an eight-inch wound below his knee that needed wound care from the JRMC Wound Center in 2018.
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Christensen: leg saved after wound care

One Jamestown man just wanted a few more hours of sleep. Instead, he received months of care at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. The batteries in Dick Christensen’s smoke detector died around 4

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JRMC Occupational Therapists offer home visits and much more to patients. Schedule an appointment direct: (701) 952-4800.
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Occupational therapy: 3 reasons to have a home visit

Feel happy, mobile and safe after a home visit from OT. Occupational therapy (OT) helps an individual to recover or maintain daily living and work skills. For instance, individuals may include those

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JRMC offers quality healthcare in one local location for all injuries that result from a slip, trip or fall.
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Feel better after injuries: 3 reasons to #CountOnJRMC

Icy injuries are common this time of year. And, slips on the sidewalk can lead to trips to the emergency rooms. As a result, these accidents can lead to missed time at

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Image. JRMC is holding an event during Open Enrollment on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to help answer questions regarding health insurance.
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Let’s Roll: Open Enrollment insurance advice available at JRMC

Selecting health insurance plans can be ‘sticky.’ That’s why Jamestown Regional Medical Center is offering caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls and other sticky treats to help educate individuals during the Open Enrollment period.

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