Congratulations to team Get ‘ER done, the top point earner for New Year, New You challenge week four. Team Get ‘ER done includes seven participants from Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department. NYNY is an eight-week wellness challenge that encourages participants to develop positive lifestyle changes. Develop a habit of taking time to stretch before exercising.


NYNY is about exercising and eating right. It’s also about staying healthy. So, don’t let achy joints get in the way of the last four weeks of NYNY.

Joints, tendons, ligaments and carpals go through much wear and tear. As a result, it can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel commonly afflicts people who do repetitive hand motions or use awkward hand positions at work. It is a common occupational hazard for those who work as hairdressers, farmers, cashiers, bakers, janitors or around mechanics and machines.

JRMC Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Timothy Volk said, “Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common compressive neuropathy that often occurs with repetitive motion activities. Risk factors include obesity, female gender, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, alcoholism and smoking.”

In conclusion, there is no proven strategy to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. However, individuals may minimize risk by relaxing their grip and taking a break to stretch and bend. Another way to minimize risk is to ensure ergonomic health and posture.

“Our joints need moments of rest so they can naturally work to repair themselves,” shared Dr. Michael T. Dean, JRMC orthopedic surgeon.

Finally, relax those wrists, bring out the daubers and get ready for Better Me Bingo during the last four weeks of NYNY. Add additional points to your score if you bingo.

Attending a community activity outside of normal activities will yield each participant five bonus points this week. In addition, participants can earn extra points for the work-friendly Lose Your Lap exercises. The more intense High-Intensity Interval can also earn additional points.

Team points are due by 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

For information about carpal tunnel syndrome, orthopedics or to schedule an appointment, call (701) 952-4878.