This is Your Year

2018 is about to get awesome. Grab a team and join the challenge to make Jamestown, ND the healthiest city in the state.

Thank you for considering Jamestown’s New Year, New You! We hope you will find this fun and encouraging in developing positive lifestyle changes. Your challenge is to gain as many points as possible each week, report your points to your team captain and get healthy!

The Wellness Challenge runs January 8 – March 4

  • just $10 to enter and a BONUS t-shirt
  • earn points for healthy eating and physical activity
  • earn bonus points by completing weekly challenges
  • a great 8 weeks to kick off your new year

Earning Points

Each week will have a NYNY Point Bank for participants to choose from. Each participant may select as many items within the point bank as he or she desires in attempt to earn as many points as possible.

Don’t miss out on the bonus points!

10 points for completing the post-challenge survey.
Survey will close midnight, March 4th.

Weekly Point Bank

Submit Your Scores

Check the Standings

Read the NYNY Headlines

We analyze this data to provide you with an awesome challenge and assist you towards success.

"Make one healthy choice.
Then make another."
- " NYNY Tip"