300 individuals participated in the 2018 New Year, New You health and wellness challenge. Although losing weight wasn’t a goal for many, 200 pounds were shed overall and the general health of participants increased.

Throughout NYNY, participants were encouraged to exercise, eat healthier meals, unplug from electronic devices and see what events their community had to offer. The average days of moderate exercise increased from only two to three days, to six and seven days. Participants also increased their intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as water. The number of sleepless night and or disrupted nights of sleep decreased through the eight-week challenge.

New Year, New You team LosERs wrapped up the final week of the Jamestown Regional Regional Medical Center’s health and wellness challenge with 1,110 points. Team NS Nuts was the overall NYNY challenge winner with 1,997 points.

NYNY is an eight-week wellness challenge that encourages participants to develop positive lifestyle changes.

NYNY Team LosERs is made up of five nurses, Sara Zink, Sarah Haas, Katie Kohler, Korri Aesoph, and team captain from the Jamestown Regional Medical Center emergency department.

Team captain and JRMC emergency department nurse, Rachel MacDonald, chose to enter their NYNY team as its team members are an active and competitive group that enjoys the fun workouts and challenges offered through New Year, New You.

Through group text messages inspiring one another to keep up with workouts and weekly goals, the LosERs plan to continue working out and following healthy diets once NYNY is complete.

MacDonald offered advice to other teams and individuals wanting to make positive lifestyle changes. She said, “Change it up. Don’t get used to the same workout routine. Instead, step out of your comfort zone and try something new.”

“Be proud of your progress each step of the way. Become friends with people at the gym, find someone to workout with and keep you accountable, track your food intake in a notebook and take a water bottle with you everywhere. Most importantly, don’t quit,” shared MacDonald.