Born athlete and junior at Jamestown High School, Katie Osborne has played basketball since she can remember. During the off-season, Katie is usually shooting hoops with friends or on the green during the fall JHS ladies’ golf season hoping to break 80.

Katie, standing at 5’8” with a kind-heart and determined personality, fell in love with sports at a young age. She recalls playing basketball in 3rd grade until her appendix was surgically removed. Since then, Katie plays to stay active, hang out with friends and improve her skills.

In addition to sports, Katie’s small-town roots impacted her future career choice. The Wimbledon native intends to pursue a degree in Business Agriculture and work in agricultural finance.

But during a full court drill in the second week of practice, life changed for Katie. She cut her opponent off at center court and took one step too big. As she felt her knee fall inwards, Katie fell in pain.

“I knew it was bad,” Katie said. “I wouldn’t be able to get up and play like nothing had happened.”

Katie and her mother, Anne, made an appointment the next day at the Jamestown Regional Medical Center with JRMC Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Volk. They chose Dr. Volk because he replaced Katie’s dad’s knee in 2017.

Dr. Volk ordered an MRI to take a better look at Katie’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament, more commonly referred to as an ACL.

“Surgery was an option, but we wanted to see if physical therapy would help Katie first” he said.

Katie headed to JRMC’s Rehab department for physical therapy with Physical Therapist Stephanie Erlandson. After a few weeks of rehabilitation, Dr. Volk and Erlandson suggested surgery for Katie’s ACL.

“I joke to my parents that for my 17th birthday, I received an ACL surgery,” Katie said.

Katie turned 17 on Dec. 22, 2017. Her surgery was Dec. 29, 2017.

After surgery, Katie began upper body workouts on the crutches required for her recovery. Crutches were a struggle she did not expect. Katie wanted off of them after the first week, but required them for six.

In physical therapy, Erlandson worked with Katie on strengthening, range of motion and gait training exercises. Katie needed 16 weeks of rehabilitation to recover.

“I enjoyed working with Katie. It was nice being able to share my past experience with ACL injuries and make it correlate to what Katie was going through,” Erlandson said.

“Stephanie and I always talk during physical therapy, that every small step I make in rehab is leading up to the day when I am finally able to step back on the court, which motivates me to put in the hard work,” Katie said.

Katie and her family did their homework. They considered other options for Katie’s surgery. However, after learning that Katie could complete all her care locally, the decision was easy, they said.

“The care at JRMC saved us unnecessary expenses. It also meant I missed less school and had less homework. I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe the crutches portion of it, if I could do it over,” Katie said with a smile.

Ever the athlete, Katie looks forward to spring golf practice and fall golf meets. As her senior year approaches, she plans to play post for the Jamestown High School Blue Jays.

“I can’t wait to do everything I could before, it’s only a matter of time,” Katie said. “Thank you JRMC, Dr. Volk, and Steph for all that you have done for me.”