Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota recognized Jamestown Regional Medical Center for its care for moms and babies.  BCBS named JRMC a Blue Distinction® Center+ (BDC+) for Maternity Care designation, as part of the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program.

Since 2006, Blue Distinction Specialty Care has helped patients find specialty care in areas such as fertility and maternity care.

Quality is a top priority. Only healthcare facilities meeting Blue Distinction’s quality measures, like JRMC, are considered.

“This award is an honor. It recognizes the excellent care nurses and physicians provide to families in our region,” said Emily Woodley, JRMC Family BirthPlace Manager.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association enhanced its Maternity Care program. These enhancements prevent or treat pregnancy-related conditions, high utilization of Caesarean sections, and racial and ethnic disparities in maternal healthcare.

Cost of care for vaginal and caesarean births and rates for episiotomies are all lower at distinction centers like JRMC, compared to a non-Blue Distinction Centers+. Vaginal and caesarean births cost 20% less and espisiotimoies rates are 49% lower. BDC and BDC+ facilities across the country care for more than 40% of Blue Cross and Blue Shield commercially insured women giving birth in 2018.

“JRMC is grateful for the distinction. BDC+ gives us the opportunity to share our commitment to moms, babies and their outcomes” Woodley said.


Achieving excellence in quality of care is the ultimate goal of BCBSND’s Blue distinction programs.

“JRMC achieved the designation of a Blue Distinction Center of excellence. We recognize healthcare facilities that reach the highest level of quality for moms and babies,” said BCBSND Chief Medical Officer Dr. Greg Glasner. “As a Blue Distinction Center, JRMC demonstrated its commitment to patients and specialty care.”

JRMC has received this designation for two consecutive terms.

The Blue Distinction Centers for Maternity Care Program expanded beyond traditional outcome measures. These measures include internal quality improvement, data collection and dissemination and internal protocols. This better addresses clinical quality and equity issues in maternity care.

In addition to meeting clinical outcomes, facilities must collect other metrics. This includes race ethnicity data, a maternal quality improvement program, commence drills and simulations for adverse events as well as dedicated protocols and procedures for the management of hypertension and hemorrhage.

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