Kulm couple welcomes New Year’s baby

Kulm couple, Stephen and Hannah Roise, welcomed their baby girl, Izetta Renee, into the world on Jan. 2, 2020. She is JRMC's first baby since New Year's.
Posted On January 3, 2020 / Posted in JRMC News

Kulm couple welcomes New Year’s baby

Born into a musical family, one baby was already showing off her powerful voice. Izetta Renee Roise sang a song of hunger on Jan. 2 – the day of her birth. Born at

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First baby of New Year born to New Rockford couple
Posted On January 2, 2018 / Posted in JRMC News

Baby born on New Year’s

His first cry sounded like a cat, his mom said. “But I think that’s because we make a lot of animal sounds in our house,” she said, smiling. Troy Allen Meadows was born at

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