The 16th Annual Baskets, Bags and Bubbly supported two new organizations this year – R.M. Stoudt’s Running of the Pink and No Excuses. Proceeds help women receive care and purchase new technology and equipment for the early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer.

“After expenses and putting a few pennies away for next year’s seed money, we have a grand total of $30,000 to wrap up and put under your trees,” said Tara Kapp about donating $15,000 each to Central Valley Health and Jamestown Regional Medical Center Foundation.

Since 2015, the two organizations have collaborated to reduce barriers for women’s health through a program called No Excuses. In that time, more than 100 women have received cervical screenings and 3D mammograms they otherwise wouldn’t have due to time, finances, transportation or lack of insurance coverage.

“We know it’s hard for women to make time for themselves. This event supports women and reduces barriers to care,” said JRMC Gynecologist Dr. Gregg McAdoo. “We are grateful to the BBB committee and attendees. They’ve truly made a difference.”

Stutsman County has one of the highest rates of mammography utilization in the state, which community leaders credit to Running of the Pink, No Excuses and now the BBB event.


“We’re proud to have such high numbers, however, we know that cancer is still a leading cause of death for Stutsman County residents ages 35-84,” said Robin Iszler, unit administrator for Central Valley. “Events like BBB normalize this kind of care and support women in receiving it. Thank you to Tara, Nicole and their teams for making this possible.”

Kapp and Nicole Lemieux are event co-chairs and were excited to see the high attended and bidding this year.

“People were really excited to be there, the energy was high,” Kapp said. “This year’s event was sold out.”

“It was hard too. We miss Janis. She has been part of this event every year,” Lemieux said. Janis Bensch passed away from a long battle with cancer in 2021 and was a staple at this event and Running of the Pink.

Next year’s event is planned for Nov. 18, 2022.

For more information, visit the Baskets, Bags, and Bubbly Facebook page or email to volunteer or donate for next year. No Excuses support is available year-round. For more information about the program or scheduling women’s health services, visit