One season ticket holder is ready to cheer on her favorite football team – NDSU Bison, now that her knee pain is under control.


Glenda Hust chose Jamestown Regional Medical Center for orthopedic care this summer. The Jamestown woman said pain in her left knee was so bad, she couldn’t even walk the stairs. Walking stairs is important, she said, for supporting the Bison at North Dakota State University, in addition to activities of daily life.

Now retired, Hust had spent her career working on her feet – usually on concrete floors. All that wear and tear caught up with her.

“I’d been in pain for a long time,” Hust said. “I’d been putting it off.”

Because of the recommendation of a friend, Hust chose JRMC Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Michael T. Dean. Trained at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Dean is a leader in his field and an expert in care from everything to hip and knee pain to sports-related injuries.

With their German-Norwegian ancestry, North Dakotans are often hard-working and stubborn, Dr. Dean said with a smile. They work through pain and don’t complain until it is unbearable. Hust was no exception.

“I enjoyed working with Glenda,” Dr. Dean said. “She was eager to participate in physical therapy. I could tell she was motivated to heal.”

After meeting with Dr. Dean, Hust said she felt comfortable. Dr. Dean and the entire clinic team treated her with kindness, consideration and professionalism.

As part of her recovery, Hust visited with JRMC Physical Therapists Bobby Crandall and Bill Atwood. Both therapists took great care of her, she said, not just medically, but holistically.

“I enjoy going to therapy when you can sit and visit,” she said.

Now that therapy is complete, she is ready to watch her team compete. Hust said her goal was to be healed and ready to watch the Bison in August. Today, she is up and down the stairs all the time, feeling happy and active.

“I would recommend Dr. Dean to anyone,” Hust said. “Plus, it’s nice to know you don’t have to travel. We have expert care right in our backyard.”

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