My name is Sandi Myers and my journey at JRMC started in Patient Access Management, almost one year ago. And, throughout this year I have worked in all the departments possible; Emergency Department, main lobby, Rehab, Radiology and JRMC Clinic. I have always been a people person, who loved meeting and learning about families. Making a connection with someone to make his or her day a little better or brighter makes my job worthwhile.

Helping others is one of the simplest ways to fill our lives with joy and fulfillment.

Since I work in different departments within JRMC, I have gained a new family of coworkers. JRMC’s employees work their hardest to accommodate their patients. And, employees can count on each other.

For this I am grateful. For my next journey, I will lean on my family at home and my family of co-workers. I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy Stage 2 Kidney Failure. For the next five months, I will be taking chemotherapy and steroid treatments as a series patient in the Emergency Department. I would not want to be with any other group of caring staff and coworkers to help me through this. And, because of this, I want to tell all of them ahead of time, “Thank you for being there for me on days I break down for what seems no reason. Thank you for reminding me to laugh at the little things. I feel so grateful in life,” said Myers.

Look around you and appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year.