Knowing medical professionals around the world are in need of supplies and uniforms, JRMC employees donated scrubs to nurses in need.

JRMC nurses collected 646 uniform pieces between May and November. Nursing leaders timed the drive with JRMC’s new uniform policy for clinical employees.

“In 2019, Jamestown Regional Medical Center moved to a standardized scrub dress code,” said Trisha Jungels, chief nursing officer and interim CEO. “Our nurses came to us saying they wanted to donate their old scrubs to countries in need. We are so grateful for their generosity. This is certainly what makes them THE difference.”

JRMC delivered the scrubs to the following:

  • Teresa L. Rittenbach, PhD, APRN, BC, University of Jamestown; she will take the scrubs with her on the nursing trip to Africa
  • Jane Weaver; general surgeon, she will take the scrubs with her to the Ecuador Clinic and Hospital
  • Darlene Bartz, Chief Resources Section, ND Department of Health; scrubs are going to mission resources in Mexico

“Our nurses are always looking for ways to exceed expectations and be THE difference in the lives of those they serve,” Jungels said. “And, this is one more example of that.”

To learn more about the scrub drive or nursing at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, call (701) 952-1050.

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