Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) recently announced Katie Barta, Courtney Cook, Maggy Russek and Brianna Six as its most recent Legend Award recipients.

The Legend Award is the most prestigious distinction for a JRMC employee. The Legend Award recognizes employees who exceed expectations and are THE difference in the lives of those they serve.

Essentia Health Family Medicine Physician Dr. Kilby Osborn nominated the Registered Nurses after he served a shift as JRMC’s hospitalist.

“Under increasing pressures, these four nurses performed above and beyond expectations,” Dr. Osborn said. “Their initiative, efficiency, attention to detail and professionalism were above and beyond expectations given the unforeseen circumstances. The outstanding performance by the above-named nurses reflect great credit upon themselves, JRMC and their profession.”

JRMC Legends are real-life examples for others to follow. Every day, acts of heroism take place in healthcare.

“In today’s healthcare environment, a highly functioning team is essential to providing safe, quality patient care. When healthcare team members work together, they share knowledge and skills, communicate more effectively and make better decisions. This positively impacts patient outcomes. We celebrate the teamwork and ethics Katie, Courtney, Margaret, and Brianna demonstrated,” said Trisha Jungels, JRMC Chief Nursing Officer.


A legend is not created in a day. It takes consistent commitment to performing with selfless purpose. A legend commits every day — without concern for recognition — to being irreplaceable. Katie, Courtney, Margaret and Brianna are examples of this, said Patient Care Unit Manager Lisa Schrenk.

“These nurses deserve this recognition because they are intelligent, genuine, compassionate individuals that embody everything that an exceptional nurse is. A nurse doesn’t go to work thinking about how he or she can receive an award, rather they show up to every shift to ensure their patients receive the very best care that they deserve. These awesome ladies are no exception, and I am so proud of them and extremely grateful they are here caring for patients at JRMC,” Schrenk said.

Each month, JRMC employees cast nominations for the next Legend Award winner. Once nominations are in, JRMC’s 350 employees vote on their favorite nominees and their stories.

The purpose of the Legend Award is to inspire, motivate and capture the moments that define JRMC. The goal is to help employees and volunteers connect to the sense of purpose that brought them to the organization. This award is for employees who’ve made extreme efforts to benefit their patients and colleagues.

“The nominations inspire staff members to continually be the best, exceed expectations and make THE difference in the lives of those we serve,” said JRMC President & CEO Mike Delfs. “Katie, Courtney, Margaret and Brianna are so deserving. Because of them, we can better serve our patients and community.”

The Legend Award first began in 2012. Since then, nearly 40 individuals have been named Legends and more than 120 employees were nominated.