The Jamestown Regional Medical Foundation received $5,000 for testing supplies and a new x-ray stretcher for the hospital’s emergency department.

The North Dakota Community Foundation (NDCF) awarded $248,714 in its first round of COVID-19 response grants.  NDCF awarded grants to 54 organizations including JRMC.

Each year, 11,000 area residents visit the JRMC Emergency Department. About half of these patients need radiological tests to help physicians diagnose their disease or injury.

Currently, the emergency department team lifts and repositions patients for each x-ray image.

Purchasing a new stretcher with x-ray imaging cassettes would provide better access to each patient without jostling or maneuvering them.

“The new stretcher means we can get critical images without having to reposition people and place a hard x-ray cassette under them,” said Dr. Kent Diehl, JRMC Emergency Department.

This would be a first for JRMC.

The x-ray stretcher provides fast, efficient patient care. It also reduces pain and anxiety.

“It will provide more comfort to patients when they need it most,” Dr. Diehl said.

Funding for the grants came from NDCF’s COVID-19 Community & Nonprofit Response Fund, local community foundations and donor-advised funds that are component funds of NDCF, and The Barry Foundation.

“We are thankful to The Barry Foundation and the donors across our state that contributed to our COVID-19 Response Fund so we could support the North Dakota nonprofits providing essential services during this crisis,” said Kevin Dvorak, president & CEO of NDCF.

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