On Friday, Dec. 2, Jamestown Regional Medical Center held its annual Celebrity Celebration at the Gladstone Inn & Suites. And, employees reaching anniversaries of five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years were recognized for their service to JRMC and the community.

The following individuals were certainly recognized for their years of service.

  • 40 Years: Sharon Gengler.
  • 35 Years: Belinda Cherney and Bonnie Dewald.
  • 30 Years: Bill Jung.
  • 25 Years: Sherri Madcke, Jan Moch and Maren Radi.
  • 20 years: Trish Greenwood,  † Paula Helland, Cindy Kutz, Linda Marks and Sue Matthiesen
  • 15 years: Amy Harr, Amber Kaiser, Ashley Miller, Renae Olson, Barb Schmidt, Jess Skjeret and Sammi Triplett
  • 10 years: Melinda Forsman, Sandy Green, Jamie Heinley, Alison Kennison, Jozie Kovar, Ashley Michaelson, Char Middlestead, Nichole Rahn Klundt and Barb Schlecht
  • Five years: Jason Babcock, Kathy Bercier, Nathan Bitz, Brenda Buskness, Lee Ellingson, Kristen Ganser, Courtney Haag, Holly Harstad, Elayne Hartman, Emily Hoffman, Katie Mittleider, Lucas Morken, April Readel, Mallory Schultz, Becky Silberg, Marlene Stafford, Pam Swenson, Lori Vondal, Tracie Weigel and Cynthia Wold.

In addition, physicians were also recognized for their dedication to JRMC. The following physicians were recognized: Dr. Philip Jystad (25 years), Dr. James Torrance (25 years) and Dr. Michael Dean (5 years).