JRMC activated its Surge Plan Wednesday, as the hospital is close to inpatient capacity.

This means that JRMC is caring for a lot of patients – sick ones.

If the spread continues at this rate, JRMC may have to increase its space from a 25-bed facility to one that can accommodate as many as 64.

“As a legendary team, we will continue to safely care for every patient – COVID or not,” said JRMC President & CEO Mike Delfs. “However, this is a remarkable step, one that will put additional strain on our teams and the healthcare community.”
The objective of the surge plan is to create of additional staffed and supported inpatient beds. The surge plan can accommodate up to 64 patients in the 25-bed critical access hospital.

“We’re not to the point where we will stop elective surgeries, however, that may occur in the coming days and weeks,” Delfs said. “Some surgeries may need to be rescheduled. The public can expect individualized communication from our team.”

The good news is – the community can help.
* mask
* wash your hands
* physically distance

These preventative measures support individuals, families as well as our businesses, schools and healthcare workers, Delfs said.

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