Local healthcare organizations are looking to see how they can improve, and they’re asking the community for help.

In a collaboration between public and private health, Central Valley Health, Jamestown Regional Medical Center and the Community Health Partnership are asking the community to complete the Community Health Assessment survey.

The Community Health Partnership offers the survey once every three years. Both public and private healthcare organizations use the results as part of their strategic plans.

“These surveys help us prioritize what the community needs,” said Robin Iszler, unit administrator for Central Valley Health. “Because of survey feedback, we made changes to the community regarding healthier choices or health concerns.”

Completing the survey takes about 15 minutes. Questions ask the community to choose the best things about the community including services and resources, quality of life, activities and availability of health services.

“We’re asking all of Stutsman County to complete this survey. Your opinion is so important,” said Trisha Jungels, Chief Nursing Officer of Jamestown Regional Medical Center. “Our leadership makes important decisions based on this data, so we want a sample that accurately represents our community.”

Complete the Community Health Partnership survey online. They’re also available in hard copy form and can be picked up at Central Valley Health or Jamestown Regional Medical Center. The deadline to submit is March 15.