Though he is back to all the hobbies he once enjoyed, one retired judge jokes that his golf game is just as “bad” as ever. John Greenwood, Jamestown, chose Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael T. Dean when Greenwood needed his shoulder replaced in October 2020. After a fall on the ice nearly a year prior, Greenwood noticed limitations in his range of motion. He also lost strength in his right arm, and he is “very much right handed,” he said with a smile.

Greenwood retired in 2017 and since then, works hard at remaining active. He golfs three days a week, plays pickle ball in the winter and vacations with his wife, Susan, both in the U.S. and Europe. He also enjoys painting, biking and spending time with family.

When he could no longer raise his arm to reach a bowl on a high shelf, Greenwood scheduled an appointment with his primary care provider. The PCP recommended Greenwood see a specialist for a surgery on his rotator cuff, either at Jamestown Regional Medical Center or 100 miles away.

“I didn’t see any reason not to go here,” Greenwood said. “I heard Dr. Dean was the expert. You have a specialist right here. Why would you go anywhere else?”

Instead of surgery on the rotator cuff, Dr. Dean recommended replacing the full shoulder joint.

“I’m happy with the recommendation,” Greenwood said.

Dr. Dean joined JRMC in 2011. The Mayo-trained surgeon has replaced more than 5,000 joints in his 30 years of practicing medicine. Dr. Dean pioneered specialty services at JRMC. Because of him, JRMC now offers a variety of specialty care including ear, nose & throat, gynecology, podiatry, urology and wound care.

“JRMC’s culture is centered on patient satisfaction and safety,” Dr. Dean said. “It was a privilege to care for Mr. Greenwood.”

JRMC’s culture is what makes it a Top 100 Best Place to Work and Top 20 Critical Access Hospital in the country.

Greenwood agreed.

He gave top reviews for Patrick Walter, PA-C, the nursing team to even the kitchen staff.

“Everybody was great,” he said. “And, the chicken salad sandwich was excellent.”

Today, Greenwood is back on the course, courts and biking trails. He even began the summer with his grandson, Noah Greenwood, age 13. He and Noah spent a long week golfing various courses across the state.

“I can do everything, though there are limitations,” he said, saying they are minor. “I don’t even give them a second thought.”

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