There’s dozens of reasons to choose Jamestown Regional Medical Center, and one of them is Stephanie Erlandson, doctor of physical therapy.

Erlandson joined the JRMC Rehab Department in June.

“With direct access physical therapy services, patients can schedule an appointment without a referral,” Erlandson said. “I have the ability to screen out and recognize if there’s something more serious that should lead to a follow-up appointment with a physician.”

Erlandson is one of eight physical therapists at JRMC. Physical therapists focus on making everyday activities easier. Physical therapy can help with flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

“I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare, but I was drawn to physical therapy because of the amount of time you spend with patients,” Erlandson said. “I want to be thorough, get to know patients and see them progress.”

A self-proclaimed goal-setter, Erlandson strives to help others do the same.

“It’s a great feeling when I can share my skill and knowledge to help someone feel better and help themselves,” Erlandson said. “When a patient reaches a goal, I feel like I achieved my goal of helping as well.”

Erlandson is a recent graduate of the University of North Dakota’s physical therapy program and no stranger to the Jamestown community. She attended the University of Jamestown for her bachelor’s degree in exercise science and completed her first clinical rotation at JRMC.

“After my rotation at JRMC, I went to three other places,” Erlandson said. “The inclusive nature, caring attitude and positivity of everyone here drew me back to JRMC. It’s a nice community. I came back because I wanted to feel like the people that were going to help me learn were approachable and willing to help me succeed.”

Tracy Anderson, rehab manager, is also thrilled to have Erlandson join the JRMC team.

“Stephanie did a great job as a first year PT student, even before she had much training,” Anderson said. “Her positive attitude was impressive. We’re excited to have her join us.”

To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, call (701) 952-4800. Learn more: