What do my shoes look like? Depends on who you ask.


I am the mother hen who kept homecare on track for years. Now, I am the pest keeping the boss on track. My name is Cindy Tag Nygord and I’m the advance planner; the keeper of all things and the finder of others. I’m also the person in awe of the dedication shown day in and day out by everyone at JRMC.

In addition, I’m the aunt who couldn’t stop smiling when my nephew was born here. I’m the sister so grateful for the care, the teasing and smiles staff gave my brother during his surgery. And, I’m the wife who sighed with relief when the Emergency Department doctor retrieved the metal in my husband’s eye without damage. I am the daughter who felt the support when her mother was dying. And, the daughter who is grateful for the Rehab Department who gave purpose and joy to my Dad after this loss. I am the granddaughter who saw the compassion given to my grandmother in the Emergency Department and words of comfort when she passed away later that day.

I’m the person thought least likely to end up in healthcare by my family and childhood physician. Although, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t run out of the exam room and make it outside before your grandpa could catch you? Wouldn’t you if you were told you were just getting a shot, but the nurse was still labeling tubs of blood when you went in? After all, I was only six.


My name is Cindy Tag Nygord and I am the person who stays with JRMC because I see, hear and feel the strength and dedication of the people of this organization to not only provide superior care, but strive to acquire the services, skills and technology needed for that care.

I AM the person who knows what makes JRMC great:

  • Dedication
  • Smiles
  • Hope

We are JRMC and we are THE Difference.

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